Welcome to Pure Project
Pure Care From Nature
While creating Pure Project, we set out with one goal: to produce herbal and effective products free of harmful ingredients!
We are aware of how precious is the effort you spend trying to find the right product and the time you spend reading content to see if it is useful. As the Pure Project family, we have taken it upon ourselves to facilitate this process for you.
Safe, natural and effective ingredients
We are constantly improving ourselves for you and your loved ones. Our products based on natural ingredients; We closely follow the rapidly changing world of science and carefully create in the light of current research.
Our priority is your health. For this reason, our products; It does not contain ingredients that may be harmful to the skin such as paraben, sulphate, alcohol, perfume.
We dermatologically test on sensitive skin so that the most valuable members of your family can use it with peace of mind. Because we appreciate all living things in nature, we certainly do not experiment on animals.
Who are we?
We set out as a chemical engineer mother and daughter of an economist who embraced naturalness, scientificity and sincerity. So why do we care?
“When my daughter was born 30 years ago, it was very difficult to get accurate information about the products and their ingredients. Today's parents are much more fortunate in this regard. They can easily access information; They are aware that products with natural and organic ingredients are the right choice.
After 20 years of academic career, I turn to this field and work to develop the most effective formulas in our laboratory. My goal is to please parents who strive to raise healthy and happy children. Because children are our future "
“Trying to find a product that works in our busy working tempo, which is the result of modern life, is tiring, and trying different brands for this is expensive. It is not enough that the ingredients of the products are natural and harmless, it should be a priority for all of us that they really work.
My goal on this road we started with my mother; To create sustainable skin care products that you can be sure of and that you can use with peace of mind. "
If you share the same sensitivities with us, let's go on this journey together!