Welcome 2021!



We came to the last days of the tough year 2020. We started with excitement and hope, unfortunately we could not live the social life we imagined. Ourselves, our children, our spouse, relatives, neighbors, friends had health problems, we were afraid and sad. While some of us had a nightmarish year, some of us took maximum precautions for ourselves and all our loved ones. We have experienced the difficulties and damages of city life in the deepest form every day during the pandemic process. We all tried to turn to the nature and the natural as much as we could. While adopting healthy eating and the cleanliness of the places we live in as a principle, we could not imagine a life without cologne and disinfectant. We started to review all cosmetic products we use for a healthy life. We kept away from ourselves those whose expiration date has passed and those that contain chemicals harmful to our health and the environment. We have turned to pure, clean, organic products that will replace all of our old cosmetic products, which do not harm our health and are produced entirely from natural plants.


We have created a brand for you that you can choose with confidence and peace of mind for your baby, which you value even more than yourself: PURE PROJECT. We know that when choosing baby and child skin care products, you are looking for those that are harmless, non-toxic with the most positive effects. For your beloved puppies, you are turning to vegan products that do not contain paraben, sulfate, alcohol, perfume, are dermatologically tested, not tested on animals. Little Pure Project is a brand that includes products with clean, natural, herbal and organic ingredients for your babies and children.


In order to prevent your baby from experiencing diaper area problems, Pure Project Cleansing and Soothing Butt Spray We recommend that you clean it with. After using the butt spray, you will notice that there is no trace of dirt and bad odor in the cloth area. Before putting on the clean diaper on your baby’s bottom Pure Project Nourishing Face and Body Lotion You can moisten and nourish it with.


For various reasons (for this matter “Causes diaper rash in babies?” I suggest you read my blog post titled) If he has diaper rash problem Pure Project Cleansing and Soothing Butt Spray after cleaning the cloth area with Pure Project Rash Cream We recommend you to use it. If you apply the diaper rash cream on your butt as a thick layer every time you wear a new cloth, you will see that it both protects your baby from the damage of pee and poop to the skin, and the rash disappears in a short time thanks to its zinc-free formula.


If you want your baby and child to have fun and calm during bathing Pure Project Hair and Body Shampoo We recommend you to use. This product, which is completely natural, obtained from plants, does not contain sulfate, perfume and contains organic ingredients, has a non-stinging formula. For babies Pure Project Small Bathroom Brush , for kids Pure Project Big Bath Brush Using it, you can gently cleanse their skin. After bathing, you can deeply breathe in the scent of your puppy and forget all the tiredness of the day. After drying them Pure Project Nourishing Face and Body Lotion You can moisturize your face and body with. Thus, their skin will remain like silk until the next bath.


We also have a product for the hardened areas of the little ones: Pure Project Multipurpose Baby Balm . While your baby is crawling, don’t worry about his knees and elbows that can get stiff when your child runs and plays. Before going to sleep every night, apply a small piece of balm that you have warmed in your palm to your baby’s hardened skin. When you wake up in the morning, you will see that it has soft skin again. With pure, clean, vegetable and organic oils, preservative and perfume-free Multi Purpose Balm you can use it too. Before going to bed at night, you will notice that your problems have decreased and you have a soft skin after a short while after applying it to your dry hands, lips, skin and hardened heels, elbows and knees.


We also prepared cute boxes for you to give Pure Project products as gifts to your loved ones. If you want to present a healthy and stylish gift to your acquaintances who have a new baby, your friends who are the birthday celebrations of their children, or your relatives as a new year or holiday celebration, Welcome Baby Box , A Squishy Box , A Box Without Rash , or A Box Out of the Bathroom you can choose. In this way, you can experience the happiness of sharing the purity and cleanness from nature with your loved ones with the safe and effective products you gift 🙂


As Pure Project family, we are happy to add healthy, safe, effective, clean baby and child skin care products to your life as we move from 2020 to 2021. We continue to work on new products with great care and excitement for your satisfaction. Hope to meet you on healthy and happy days in 2021, love.