Pure Project Philosophies
While creating our products, we think of our baby, our children, our family and you.
We never compromise our principles and values.

Sizlerin ve sevdiklerimizin sağlığını korumak en büyük önceliğimiz

You are important to us. That’s why we are very cautious when it comes to content selection. We do our best to protect you from chemicals of concern.


Etkinlikten ödün vermiyoruz, vermeyeceğiz

We know that finding a reliable and useful product can be tiring. We make this process easier for you and offer you effective, tested formulas with natural ingredients.


Yeniliğe ve gelişime her zaman açığız

From plant-derived effective ingredients to the latest innovations in green chemistry, we are constantly researching to improve our products. We are constantly improving our products and ourselves.


En büyük gücün, bilgi olduğuna inanıyoruz

We believe you have the right to know the ingredients of the products you use. For this reason, we try to add each of our content to our Content Dictionary and inform you as much as possible.

As Pure Project, we carry our values to our production standards.
We pass each of our ingredients, every formula and every product through special tests.
Our Certificates
Pure Project Production Standards

İçerik Değerlendirme

Every ingredient we choose to use in our products has been evaluated in terms of product safety and effectiveness.


Test Süreci

We test our products to make sure we keep our promise to you. Our products, physicochemical analysis, microbiological analysis, stability (shelf life) test, It passes the challenge test (screening-strain test), dermatological tests, and “does not contain” tests.



We have Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001 certificates. We carry out our production in accordance with internationally applied quality standards in the cosmetics sector. These standards are the standards that prioritize customer satisfaction such as storage and shipment, beyond production.


Etiket Şeffaflığı

Our Content Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency in cosmetic products we list according to the Guide to be Listed on the product components. At the same time, you can inquire about the identity, history, movements and reliability of the product you purchased with the TC Ministry of Health Product Tracking System (ÜTS).

We write the names and benefits of each of our ingredients in our Content Dictionary to help you better understand the content.


Devam Eden Değerlendirme

Pure Project Their philosophies and Standards is not just a set of practices that enthusiastically fulfill our principles, it is a reflection of how we do business today and our vision for the future. We are enthusiastic producers who work hard with the mission of bringing health and happiness to families. And with you, we will continue to learn, innovate and improve.