Small Bath Brush


Baby Bath Brush is designed to accompany your baby’s bath-time routine for a flake-free and soft skin. 100% silicone material ensures fast-drying and no odor. Helps reduce dry skin, eczema, and cradle cap.

Size: 6 cm x 5 cm
The small bath brush is suitable for use on babies.

Free of plastic, BPA, BPS, phthalate

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For bath-time use, apply Little Pure Project Gentle Hair & Body Wash onto bath brush and gently massage from head-to-toe in circular motion. Rinse and clean after use.


You may also use your brush after bath-time. Apply Little Pure Project Nourishing Face & Body Lotion onto brush for flake-free and soft skin. Rinse and clean after use.

Food grade silicone

What is a bath brush? 

Designed to brush off dry skin, cradle cap and eczema on babies! Our bath brush is

made with 100% food grade silicone. Which means no dry time, no stinky towels. Also, silicone bristles gently massage and create a more enjoyable and fun bath-time with your little one.

 How should I use the bath brush? 

General use & dry skin + cradle cap use: Apply Little Pure Project Gentle Hair & Body Wash onto brush during bath-time, brush in a circular motion from head to toe. Rinse & clean the brush once you’re done. Suction to sink.

For eczema: Apply Little Pure Project Nourishing Face & Body Lotion onto brush after bath-time. Brush in circular motion to gently massage lotion into skin. Rinse & clean. Suction to sink.

Would the bath brush irritate my baby’s skin? 

Our bath brush is made with food grade silicone and is free of plastic or any harmful ingredients such as BPA. Its silicone bristles are as soft as your baby’s delicate skin, so feel free to even use it on your little one’s delicate face.

Is silicone safe?

Silicone is a man made polymer created by adding carbon and/or oxygen to silicon (a naturally occurring substance and the second most abundant element on Earth after oxygen). Silicone is not derived from petroleum and does not contain harmful substances such BPA, BPS or phthalate.

Silicone is one of the healthiest materials that can adapt to the human body. Due to its flexibility, softness, hygienic and hypoallergenic properties; silicone is suitable for pacifiers, food containers, aprons, and bath toys. Silicone can easily be cleaned, however hand washing is recommended as it is a natural substance.


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